Mighty White Micro Camera 1st Results

I sent off a 110 cartridge last wednesday taken with the Mighty White 110 camera in the hope that something was captured on the film…and indeed it was – mega excited! Sent it to Photo Factory, who trade on ebay, and I would whole heartedly recommend them.  If your film comes back blank they simply charge you the postage costs which is a great arrangement I think.  I sent two off a month or so ago but they didn’t have anything on them, and they refunded the money no problems. To scan these negs I have access at university to several Epson Perfection V700 Photo scanners which have dedicated film trays for most film formats.  Unfortunately not 110 though so a little bodging was the order of the day.  By clamping the negs sideways across a 120 film tray you can get the neg to stay solid at the right height across the scanner bed.

Its definitely not the ‘purest’ way of scanning film – it does cause damage to the neg strip where it is clamped.  Fortunately this was not an issue today as the frames where I clamped had nothing on them.  I am going to look and see if I can find a proper tray for the job if I continue shooting on 110 though.

After some gaffing around though there are some cool images on the film that have successfully scanned.  Keeping in mind this is mechanical toy camera from the 1980s these are pretty cool.

img046 img047

A couple of my daughter who appears to love posing for the camera.  As soon as one comes out she says “Cheese!”img048 img049

A couple of landscapes taken across my allotment at the back of my house.  These I really like.  They have that ‘film look’ aesthetic to them which I love and just cannot reproduce in digital post processing.  The tiny plastic lens in the camera can’t capture anything sharply but it still looks fantastic!


Spoils left over from a bonfire – not sure why, just testing the camera again in full sun.  No idea what the shutter speed and aperture equate to on this old thing but the brighter the better.  The depth of field appears to be quite large so i am guessing the aperture must be somewhere around f/11 or so – just guesswork though.

img051 img052

Couple of interior shots.  Noticeably darker, result of quick shutter speed and (presumably) small aperture.img053 img054

Outside again in bright sunlight.  Reasonably well exposed again with good dof.  Major light leak on the second image above – I thing this was the end of the roll?  Not sure…


Outside again, testing shutter speed.  Windmill was spinning pretty quick and the toy camera has done a good job of freezing the motion.  Slight blur but happy with the result.

img056 img057

Couple of random interior shots.  Underexposed inside, nicely exposed through the window.


No idea what this was supposed to be – but I like it…!

1st result with this camera then, pretty well happy.  Would like to try some more landscapes with it.  I like the way the distances seem to compress into one.  It also seems quite ironic to be taking photographs of massive open areas with this tiny little toy camera.  Future project maybe?  Possibly.  Its also pretty funny the looks you get shooting with this thing and then explaining it to people who know nothing much about film, let alone 110 formats.

Anyway thats it for now.  There is another cartridge pretty much fully shot in the Mighty White camera at the mo, so expect to see some results (hopefully) soon.

Speak soon


2 responses to “Mighty White Micro Camera 1st Results”

  1. rebeccaclarkp Avatar

    This was my first camera too, id love to have another go with one!


    1. Neil Piper Avatar
      Neil Piper

      Hey thanks for the comment – its real fun, although mine appears to have now broken… I have already stripped it down to the bare components and fixed it once – looks like ill be doing it again…!


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