Time & The Mechanical

Within my life I am interested in the mechanical. I grew up being interested in cars and spent hours working on and modifying aspects of many different project vehicles. During my BA studies this interest in the mechanical nature of technologies translated over to the cameras that I preferred using and the mechanical nature of the cars and the culture that surrounds them became the subject of my image making.

This work was selected for submission to the Uncertain States Emergence show in 2016, has been shown in exhibitions in Norwich and London and has been shown on several online platforms including the London Camera Project and Everybody Film.

This subject has now been paused, but the love for the mechanical within the image making process has continued. I am at present making images with a variety of custom built pinhole cameras, of intentional varying quality, to photograph places of nostalgic interest to me. I am interested in the passing of time around static places and I find that by using pinhole photography, it allows me to firstly capture much more than just a moment of time due to the long exposures required, and secondly it allows me to use technology that is much more personal and relevant to myself.


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