‘Tinhole’ Camera

Got bored. Wanted to turn something into a pinhole camera. I dont have a shipping crate like Vera Lutter but I found this tin at a car boot sale the other day and it seemed like a good donor.


Drilled a hole in the back and taped over the inside a pinhole made with a small section of tin. No real accuracy here, wanted to see if it worked. In the dark I will cut a piece of photo paper to fit and see if I can make a paper negative. Lined the inside with black tape in the hope that that will prevent light bouncing around the shiny inside of the tin.


Drilled a hole in the bottom, and blacked out the inside after setting a pinhole over the drilled hole in the bottom. One shot use. Piece of cut to size (badly) photo paper and should be good to go. 😃


Dont know why at 10pm I decided that I had to try this, but, at 10pm I had to see if it worked. My paper developer arrived today so I guess thats why I had to try it….
At 10pm theres obviously hardly any light in my kitchen so I aimed the ‘camera’ at a table lamp and used Pinhole Assist to work out an exposure. It said that using paper (rate it at about ISO 6) that it would be ten minutes to make an exposure so this is what I did

This is a daylight processing tank for sheet film. I used it to process the paper, as I can do this in daylight because the tank is light tight. I can load it just like I do my film in a blacked out room and do the rest of the process in normal light. If I can get hold of a red safe light then I can just use a regular developing tray.


Almost impossible to photograph, but this was the first attempt in the developer. I had heard that you could check your exposure when the paper had been in the developer for about a minute. The instructions on the developer said to leave in for 1 minute 30 seconds. I opened the tank to check and saw the image disappear. Didn’t occur to me that you can check but only under red light…! Quickly put it in stop solution but it was too late. There is only the slightest bit of an image left.

…and this time it worked! This is the second attempt in which I just repeated everything that I did but didn’t open the tank. I turned out all of the lights when opening the tank and moving the paper into the stop bath. From there on the lights can be on. The paper here is still in the tray of fixer. Its dark as hell but there is definitely something there. And this time its not disappearing…!

…and this is the scanned and inverted paper negative result. Really happy to know that this works, and it has given me the realisation that I can make a pinhole camera, in theory, out of pretty much anything that I can put some photo paper in and make light tight…!

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