So apparently it was February 2018 when i last made a post on this blog.  Thats a shame as i’d hoped to use it more.

I better apologise now for the spelling and grammer errors.  Im a bit dyslexic and i cant seem to see a spellcheck function on here…!

I guess the reason for not writing so much is possibly becasue i now present a podcast.  Its called Soot & Whitewash, which is an old printers term for a very high contrast print.  In it i discuss things related to my photographic practice, a bit of news where appropriate, and sometimes have a chat with some cool guests.  I’m working on trying to get a co-host, but the chap that i’d really like seems to not believe he’d be good enough.  Its a real shame because hes a funny inteligent guy and i really think we could make something good with him on board.  We chat pretty much every other day via text, and i know he’s literally always up to something interesting.  I’ll keep badgering him and maybe he’ll realise that he’s perfect for the co-host job.  🙂

I started the show back in i think june or july of 2018, and have now produced 42 shows.

I’m going to try and carry on writing here as an accompanyment.  Maybe this can be used to accompany the show and its instagram page.  Which if youre interested is @sootandwhitewash.

I think thats it for now so talk to you later.


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