Project Box Camera

So a new year and a new project.  After a brief chat with Alex Purcell (@grainyblur in most places on the internet) we decided that what the film community needs is another project (🤣) , or collective.  Collective sounds much better so we’ll use that.

So what the hell is Project Box Camera i hear you ask?  Well, simply an excuse for me to break out some box cameras and bring others along for the ride.

At least one roll of film through a box camera a month, so thats a minimum of 12 rolls in the year.  It can be whatever film you can get to fit in your camera.  Most of the box cameras that appear to be taking part take 120 or 620 film, but absolutely im sure we’ll see some 35mm jammed in, maybe some 127 boxes and i know i’ll probably be dumb and try and stuff some photo paper in one of mine to make a pere negative.  Because why the hell not hey…?

There are now 23 members of the collective, and I think we’ll call it a day at that. We’re taking about producing a zine at the end of the 12 months so we don’t really want a huge amount of contributors or we’ll have a LOT of images to whittle down from. Or the zine will get pretty huge and cost more. Talking of which…who’s funding this zine? I guess we’ll cross that financial bridge when we come to it…!

It should be great fun, and if you weren’t able to join us the man j really hope you’ll follow along with what we get up to. For now the project really lives on Instagram at but I may dedicate some of my website to it, or maybe get a free one to put the pictures up on. I know I for sure can’t afford to purchase another dedicated domain for it. I guess I’ll talk through it with Alex at some point.

I think that’s it for now. I had a chat with Mike for the Negative Positives podcast the other day about the project, I think he’s airing that show on Tuesday. That’ll be the 28th January 2020 if you wanna have a listen. I get into pretty much what I’ve just said above and talk about the inspiration behind setting the collective (see, sounds cool) up. We also bully Alex a bit (sorry pal) about getting him to join me on Soot & Whitewash…

Maybe I shouldn’t publish this until he’s heard that. Meh. Probably won’t do that.

We’ll talk to you later people. I guess it’s time I scheduled this post and turn in for the night.

Goodnight guys and thanks for reading.


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