Speed Graphic First Test

So let me just state up front that this test happened a good long while ago, and im just simply filling in gaps with my history with this camera.

I borrowed a Rodenstock Sirona N lens that was at uni, which the shutter it was in coincidently fitted the speed graphic board.

I didn’t have any film, but what was lying around uni (weird) was a polaroid 545i back and some type 54 film.

I took it all out into the uni grounds, complete with a home made dark cloth and took my first 4×5 lensed image.


So its quite obvious that the polaroid emulsion was pretty shot – I mean it had been sitting in a drawer for ‘years’ apparently, but what I was actually more excited about was the fact that the image seemed to not be affected by the pinhole, well, mouseholes in the bellows.  I guess that unless they our out at full extension, like I guess you would use for macro(?) then the material maybe seals itself enough that its not an issue?  We’ll go with that, it sounds like I know what im talking about…!

So conclusion.  Camera works (why wouldn’t it its just a box) the polaroid back works (not mine) lens and shutter works (not mine) and the polaroid film was f’ed (again, not mine.)

More to come.

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