Lens Boards

Now im not gonna claim that I know much about large format or indeed LF lens boards.  But through research what I can tell you is that my speed graphic uses what is called a Graflex C board, which is a 4 inch square board with a hole cut into it that corresponds with the shutter you are using.

I had acquired a Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar lens, 150mm f/4.5 lens that came in a Syncro Compur shutter.  I cant remember off hand what size hole that shutter needed, but I do know that it wasn’t the same size as the hole in the board that came with the camera.  I see and hear of a lot of people having lens boards 3d printed, or laser cut from acrylic so I was really fearing that this was gonna start costing me loads of money just to try and mount this damn lens.  Then it occurred to me:  my father-in-law has made me many a camera out of wood that I have designed, so there really should no reason why I couldn’t say to him “hey, can you cut me a piece of 4 inch square board thats about 2 or 3 mm in thickness?”

This he did, and cut the correct size hole in it for the shutter

*bit of electrical tape on two of the edges just to make it a slightly more snug fit…

…and there! it works!.  Well it fits at least.

Now just to find the time to actually try it…!

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