Graflex Speed Graphic Update

Now that the speed is at a usable level, ie it has a lens attached to the front and the pinholes in the bellows don’t seem to be an issue, I’m just itching to go and use it.

Two real issues with that at the mo:

  1. I only have about 8 sheets of 4×5 film left and
  2. I’ve been signed of work for two weeks with a slipped disc. Struggling to move/stand let alone get out with a camera. Certainly not a monstrous 4×5…

So what to do? First issue can be solved by shooting paper negatives. Have some one already and it seemed to work fine. Shooting them at ISO3 I think so they’re quite slow but still practice is practice.

Second issue can’t be solved. I’m stuck really right pretty much just looking at it. I am making small adaptations to it, but I’ll go into that further in future posts.



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