A Second Outing For The ‘Tinhole’ Camera


…and this is the scanned result. The only post processing on this was a small brightness adjustment as it was slightly too dark. As you can see I was rather heavy handed in the dark when trying to stick the paper to the back of the tin lid and managed to leave fingerprints all over the paper which were then processed into the photograph. To be honest I really like that though. I feel that it adds an element of authenticity to the process. I’ll try and avoid it in the future though probably – at least at the start!

I find it interesting that although there is distortion and vignetting around the edges, the actual sharpness of the detail in the image is much better than I would have expected from this camera that was basically thrown together on a whim with no real thought. The pinhole is not any particular size, just ‘small’. I made no calculations other than knowing that the focal length was ‘about 20mm.’

The vignetting is possibly caused by light leaks around the corners, these present to an extent in the neg with black corners and the distortion is quite possibly because there was no way that the paper could possibly have been completely flat. It was simply held in with two pieces of blue tack.


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