A New Addition to the Collection…

So a few weeks back I ‘entered’  one of those competitions on instagram. You know the ones, where you have to repost something and follow their account and they’ll randomly draw some winners…

@streetsilhouettes were offering three Polaroid cameras from Mint Cameras in Hong Kong as prizes if you reposted the picture, and well I actually won one of them! 


It’s a refurbished SX-70 and they were good enough to include two packs of colour film from Impossible. It’s original production date was actually October 21st 1976 – Mint have a checker function on they’re website that recalls the camera details from the serial number…! 

Its a great looking camera but as yet I’m unsure what I’m going to shoot with it.  All of my work recently is based around the notion of time and processes and using this camera goes against everything that I’m working with right now.  For the moment it’s another beautiful addition to my camera collection, but as soon as I have a project that’s suitable it’ll be straight out and into service 😃  



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